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Get started quickly by customising one of our existing templates.

Scrape a website

Using the URL of a website, extract the content as plain text. Extend this template to personalise outreach for a customer.

Topic summary

This task runs a Google search and summarises the text of the top 5 results.

Translate text

Translates a piece of text from English to Spanish. Customise this task for whatever language and tone you need for your brand.

Get a LinkedIn Profile

Find a users LinkedIn profile using their email address

Classify CS ticket

Classify customer service ticket based on urgency and category. Extract information like order numbers.

Batch test prompts

Test a prompt on multiple samples. Provide samples in a CSV and bulk run the task.

Parse a PDF

Extracts information from a PDF based on your instructions. Useful for invoices, document processing and other tasks.

Content research

Generate 10 content ideas for a topic. Using keywords, this task first finds news that relates to your keywords within the last week. Based on the results of the Google Search, the task looks through the content across all the links and puts together a list of 10 content ideas related to the key words.

Process Xero Invoices

Extract information from invoices, match them to accounts and post them as drafts to Xero.