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Automate document-heavy workflows

Boards help you save time by structuring information in a way that works for your business. Describe how you want to store information, upload or email files and we'll take care of the rest.

How it works

Flexible software to suit your business.

Import to board

Design your Board

Boards help you organise and store information in a format that works for your busienss. Use one of our templates or build your board from scatch by describing what you want.

Import to board

Import files

Adding files to your board has never been easier. Drag files into your board or email files to the board's email address. Boards support a wide range of file types like PDFs, images, and more.

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Automated data entry

Whenever you add a file, we'll extract information from the file, validate it against the format of your board and import it for you. Data is always stored in a structured, consistent format.

Import to board

Update with ease

Use our web app to upload entires in your board. Add or remove columns in your board. When you add a column, choose to have Kili populate it for you using the file for that row.

Use cases

Leverage Kili across your business.

Supplier bills

Manage all your vendor and supplier bills in one place.

Sales Order Processing

Extract key details from all incoming sales orders.

Customer service

Manage incoming customer service queries using a board.

Contract Management

Extract key terms from all your supplier, customer and employee contracts.


Organise all incoming job applications into a board and manage the recruitment process.

People ops

Simplify onboarding by extracting data from employees' documents.


Use a board to organise information you need to read or research.

Financial research

Set up a board to extract key data and export via CSV into your financial models.

Create your own

Build a board by simply describing what you need.