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Automate repetitive tasks using AI

Delegate your tasks to Kili and focus on what matters.

Leverage our visual builder and AI assistant to automate tasks in minutes.


The power of code, with natural language.


Automation for everyone

Automate tasks using natural language. Use our visual canvas and AI assistant to work through your automation.


Connect to business apps

Seamlessly integrate with your existing business applications. Ensure your data is in sync across your business.


Run on autopilot

Once you've set up your automation, execute it on demand, trigger it based on emails, on a schedule or when something happens.


Private and secure

See a full log of your what's happened in real-time. Get notified when something goes wrong.


Deploy in minutes, customise to your business.

Ready to go digital workers that support that complete tasks end-to-end for your team.

Accounts payable

Our accounts payable worker automatically processes invoices, matches invoices to purchase orders, and notifies you when something goes wrong.

Research agent

Our research worker collects information, sifts through it, formats it and uploads it to whatever system you need. Run every hour, every day or on demand.

Outbound sales

Our outbound sales worker finds leads for you, personalises emails and follows up. Run fully autonomously or step in before your worker actions tasks.


Automate in minutes

Our visual builder allows you to automate any task you want. Start from scratch, or customise one of the templates below.

Scrape a website

Using the URL of a website, extract the content as plain text. Extend this template to personalise outreach for a customer.

Topic summary

This task runs a Google search and summarises the text of the top 5 results.

Translate text

Translates a piece of text from English to Spanish. Customise this task for whatever language and tone you need for your brand.

Get a LinkedIn Profile

Find a users LinkedIn profile using their email address

Classify CS ticket

Classify customer service ticket based on urgency and category. Extract information like order numbers.

Batch test prompts

Test a prompt on multiple samples. Provide samples in a CSV and bulk run the task.